Rare Disease Awareness month is an opportunity to get eyes on this rare childhood cancer and let compassionate creativity help kids like her live a healthy and happy life with the eyes they deserve. 


"We’re making it impossible to turn a blind eye to retinoblastoma with the help of good people, good artists, all for this good cause. Each art purchase will help give a child in need the medical equipment they need." -Meg Landry, Founder of Art for Eyes

In children with the heritable genetic form of Retinoblastoma there is a mutation on chromosome 13, called the RB1 gene. The genetic codes found in chromosomes control the way in which cells grow and develop within the body. If a portion of the code is missing or altered, a cancer may develop.

Retinoblastoma accounts for about 2% of all cancers that occur in children 0 to 14 years of age. It most often affects children younger than 5. RB1 is a tumor suppressor gene, which means that it normally regulates cell growth and stops cells from dividing too rapidly or in an uncontrolled way. The RB1 gene is the first tumor suppressor gene identified whose mutational inactivation is the cause of a human cancer, the pediatric cancer Retinoblastoma and mutations in the RB1 gene are responsible for most cases of Retinoblastoma.


This exhibit will showcase work that will have at least one eye on it. To represent that to see a better world it starts with our children, especially those who lose their sight. Battling childhood cancer and then a lifelong vision impairment is a traumatic disability that resilient survivors and their families face hardships regularly. These children not only deserve the medical equipment to prevent disfigurement and pain, but also to truly be accepted see themselves in the arts. Each art piece will help provide awareness to Retinoblastoma and provide financial aid for kids' prosthetic eyes. 

This exhibit is supported by Art for Eyes.

Lyla will be 3 years cancer free this October thanks to her team at Boston Children's Hospital and the Jimmy Fund Clinic.

The reception will begin at LabCentral 238 and proceed down to the Bayer Co.Lab space. 

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