September 15 | 3:30 PM - 6:00 PM

Join the Novo Nordisk team as they award their 2022 Golden Ticket! Hear from each Finalist about their solutions and be a part of the crowd that determines their next Golden Ticket recipient! Along with scientific discussions and a Q&A from the Judging Panel, Nordic tapas and drinks will be served, so come hungry! 


Cerberus Therapeutics is a start-up focusing on nanobodies to modulate the immune system.

Cyta Therapeutics is an early stage life sciences company developing proprietary products to regenerate and restore liver function in a spectrum of liver diseases.

Founded within MIT campus, Gensaic consists of a diverse team of phage and biological engineers harnessing the human phageome to develop a next-generation delivery platform for redosable genomic medicines. 

Future Fields is introducing recombinant protein production platform by using fruit flies to make sustainable proteins.

Pearl Bio is Introducing novel biotherapeutic design and production by harnessing the power of synthetic biology to build next-gen biomaterials for smart biologics

Judging Panel

Sebastian Beck Jørgensen
 Senior Medical Advisor

Christine Y. Ivashchenko, Director of Scientific Projects

Christian Schrøder Kaas 
Innovation Lead

Uli Stilz
VP, Bio Innovation Hub