In commemoration of Black History Month, LabCentral invites you to, Sean Ellis: A Journey from Injustice to Advocacy, a compelling event that sheds light on miscarriages of justice within the African American community, with a special emphasis on exploring the poignant story of Sean Ellis. We believe that this event will serve as a powerful platform for raising awareness, fostering dialogue, and inspiring change.

This event will take a deeper look at the story of Sean Ellis, a Boston man who spent 22 years in prison after a wrongful conviction. Joining Sean Ellis will be Mayor E. Denise Simmons, together they will touch upon the systemic racial biases and flaws within the justice system. The intersection of their experiences, both figures who have first-hand knowledge of Boston’s socio-political climate, offers invaluable insight on the complexities of this local story. The conversation will center on Sean Ellis’s story of persecution, prosecution, exoneration, and ultimately: his resilience.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of a crucial conversation, reflecting on the past and shaping a future where justice prevails.